Xumo Guide on Panasonic TVs


  • Created with : Photoshop, After Effects

XumoPanasonic logo

The Xumo Universal TV Guide

Xumo Guide, now discontinued, was a universal guide for Panasonic TV owners to see all content available to them through their multiple cable, OTT and satellite channels. Through Xumo Guide they could launch content, rate or save it for later and search their whole catalogue from one place.

What Role did I Play in its Creation?

Xumo Guide was designed by Work & Co in collaboration with Xumo. I worked alongside them in the ideation phase and supplemented Work and Co’s original designs with additional screens. I co-ordinated with Xumo’s developers so it could be built, and created the video below to convey how screens would transition.

Tools Used for This Work

The additional screens were created in Photoshop and the video was put together in After Effects.