Design Exercise


  • Created with : Balsamiq, Sketch, Photoshop


Design Exercise

Banking users struggle to keep track of their overall spending and aren’t effective at saving money. This experience, called the ‘One Account’, helps users to understand and manage their expenses, showing clear totals alongside their associated transactions. Users can define their own custom expense categories, set achievable saving goals, keep on top of their bills and even enforce their own spending limits.

Competitor Analysis and User-Flow Sketches

2 hours were spent looking at:

» Spending categories provided by the Barclays banking app.
» Monzo features, including credit score and custom spending categories.
» Snoop features, including Payday and Bills prediction.

A rough app was sketched out on paper (see image below) that incorporated:

» The above features.
» A easy-to-understand breakdown of spending.
» The ability to temporarily ‘ban’ yourself from a specific vendor until next month.
» Notifications to help the user budget for bills and save automatically towards goals.

Wireframing and UX Testing

(8 Hours)

The sketches were worked into wireframes using Balsamiq. To demonstrate how the user would interact with the information, they were given interaction and shown to a sample user who had never seen them before, testing how intuitive the experience was.

» Watch the UX test video below.

High-Fidelity Screen Design and Presentation

(5 Hours)

The main page, now the wireframes were tested, was worked up into a high-definition design. Scroll to the bottom to see the final image.